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Chaparral Rain Basic Skin Salve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chaparral Rain Basic Skin Salve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Chaparral Rain Basic Skin Salve ~ Extra Virgin  Olive Oil Blend


Aromatherapy and may assist with a wide variety of topical therapeutic skin  issues such as acne, cracked skin, dry skin, eczema, fungus, hemorrhoids,  insect bites, itchy skin, muscular soreness, muscular pain, psoriasis, soften  scabs, and skin soother.


Chaparral Rain Basic Skin Salve ~  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend is made from the Oil infusion of Chaparral plant  parts and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, added to the right amount of beeswax to  create a salve.


Gently massage this all natural skin  salve into desired skin area twice daily; morning and night. For best results,  use the salve daily after showering or bathing. If possible, wrap area with a  linen bandage or wear cotton clothing.  Discontinue  use if adverse skin sensitivity occurs.


Chaparral (Larrea  Tridentata) Wildcrafted USA, creosote/greasewood bush, is utilized to produce  certain herbal remedies to aid in many topical therapeutic areas. Topical  Therapeutic properties: Analgesic, Anti-acne, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal,  Anti-herpes, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, Anti-neuritis, Anti-oxidant,  Anti-septic, Anti-viral, Cicatrizant, and Diuretic.
  Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea  europaea) Italy/Spain/Greece/Tunisia, used topically to relieve every day skin  ailments. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-aging properties  because it is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. It hydrates the skin by  building the skin's moisture barrier to prevent loss of moisture.
  Beeswax (Apis mellifera)  Kosher Certified USA Vitamin A rich.  Therapeutic  Properties: Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic with high anti-bacterial properties,  Assist in promoting the natural healing process, assists in cell turn over as  well as the actual reconstruction, Skin softener and smoother, helping the skin  retain moisture, Calms and sooths sensitive skin.
  100% High-Quality Pure All Natural Therapeutic Ingredients

  For topical use only. Keep away from Eye  area. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if pregnant or lactating.

DISCLAIMER (Required by US Federal Law): Any  information shared or presented is NOT meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or  prevent any disease, and is intended for educational purposes only. Nor are the  products which are discussed and / or presented in them meant to diagnose,  treat, cure, or prevent any disease; they have NOT been evaluated by the FDA.


Chaparral Rain Product Line -Chaparral naturally grows on Shiflet House land.  Our Farm, Ranch and Trading store is  comprised of approximately 81 acres.  All  of the Chaparral plant parts are wild-harvested and sifted by hand.  All of our products are handmade; created  using 100% High-Quality Pure All Natural Therapeutic Ingredients as they are  harvested, processed and produced to create our amazing product line Chaparral  Rain.

Information about Chaparral

  Chaparral (Larrea Tridentata), also  known as: Creosote Bush, Créosotier, Greasewood, Hediondilla, Jarilla,  Larreastat, it is a particular herbaceous woody shrub that is native to the  deserts in the southwestern region of the United States and the northern region  of Mexico. It is said that Chaparral is one of the oldest, living plants on  Earth. Due to one specimen in the Mojave Desert called the “King Clone,” we  believe it has been on earth since creation. For centuries, it has been used by  the Native Americans Indian tribes in Southwestern North America and the  Amerindians from South America in herbal medical remedies through many  different application methods.
  Its scent is unmistakably the  "Desert Rain Scent" we smell during and after a desert rainstorm. It  has a slightly sweet scent that has this electric energy to it that is alluring  and envelops the mind and senses. It can completely overwhelm you with its  aroma giving you an unforgettable sensory experience of the true essence of the  desert southwest. This is why Shiflet House named its product line Chaparral  Rain.
  Chaparral is an herbal preparation  made from a desert shrub and used for its antioxidant properties. There are  many therapeutic topical applications that are safe if used in moderation  externally.

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