Handyman Services

Handyman ~ 42 years

Stephanie standing in the HRAF HalleluYAH Kitchen that Garvin built 2023.

You can call Garvin a very Handy Man or Mr. Fix it. Garvin is able to look at the problem and find a solution to solve the problem. He has many skills. If he can't fix it or build it, he will tell you.

We bought this single wide trailer and turned into a Community Kitchen and donated it to Hebraic Roots Aviv Fellowship dot ORG. It features a 10ft butcher block counter top, stove, ice machine, refrigerator and freezer among other things. I love the flooring, vent hood and the large farm house sink that replaced the small 2 compartment sink. 

We opted for a French open storage area and pantry. I am going to sew curtains with plastic over them for easy cleaning to cover the storage areas and still have easy access to them.

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