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Shiflet House

Shiflet House Property View from the North West to South East. Nine Points Mesa is in the background.

Shiflet House


  • Mechanical
  • Welding
  • Dirt Work
  • Handy Man
  • Bee Removal


  • Shiflet House Naturals
  • Chaparral Rain
  • ScriptureChick ~ all proceeds are donated to [HRAF] Hebraic Roots Aviv Fellowship

Farm Sales

  • Whole Processed Chickens
  • Eggs
  • Dried/Fresh Creosote/Greasewood/Chaparral
  • Cottage Food ~ all proceeds are donated to [HRAF] Hebraic Roots Aviv Fellowship

Sunrise at Shiflet House Sunset at Shiflet House Sunset at Shiflet House


Shiflet House is located in Far West Texas just off Texas State Highway 118 just 55 miles south of the City of Alpine and  28 miles north of Study Butte ~ Terlingua Texas. Shiflet House is comprised of 80.80 acers that is part of the Chihuahuan Desert. We are just 50 miles from Big Bend National Park, Big Bend State Park, the Rio Grande river, and Mexico. 

Some interesting facts about BBNP is that over 400K visitors come to view the park each year. It was established in 1944 and is comprised of 801,163 acres. The Rio Grand river runs through the park. Big Bend is a section of the Rio Grande river in which the Big Bend got it's name. BBNP is considered to be the largest Chihuahuan Desert protected region in the United States of America. 118 miles of BBNP run along the International border between the USA and Mexico. 

Wildlife in BBNP 
  • 450 different species of Birds which is more than any other National Park in the US.
  • 60 different species of Cactus.
  • 3600 different species of Insects.
  • 12000 different Plant species  that many are not found anywhere else on the planet!
Garvin and Stephanie Shiflet at the peak of the Lost Mine Train in Big Bend National Park. 2014

Here we are in 2014 at Big Bend National Park on top of the mountain where the Lost Mine Trail ends.

The best hike in BBNP is The Lost Mine Trail, as it rises 1,100 feet over 2.4 miles (4.8 miles round trip) and provides excellent views of the surrounding mountains and desert. ~ BBNP

If you can't hike you can still drive through and enjoy the different ecosystems and the ultimate beauty of BBNP.


Meet The Shiflet's
Stephanie & Garvin

The Shiflet's ~ Stephanie & Garvin

Stephanie singing at a wedding. Garvin at Gravity working.

"We are honest, reliable and followers of Yeshua/Jesus. Let Garvin help you with diagnosing, repairing, welding or building your next project. OR let Stephanie create for you a one-of-a-kind Aroma/Herbal product." 

Stephanie Shiflet

Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Artist, Photographer, Musician, Singer, Chef, Chicken, Turkey and Rabbit Wrangler.
Bachelor Degree ~ General Studies 3.71 GPA     
List of other Accomplishments, Awards, Certificates, available upon request.

Garvin Shiflet

Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) Certified Systems Technician Journeyman
Texas Vehicle Inspector Commercial and Auto.
UTI 4.0 GPA Auto & Diesel
List of other Accomplishments, Awards, Certificates, available upon request.

HRAF Hebraic Roots Aviv Fellowship

Hebraic Roots Aviv Fellowship a place where you read the Bible and put it into practice.

Shiflet House is a proud sponsor of HRAF. We are also the Chaplains at HRAF.
Come join our Biblical Community.