Bee Removal Services

Bee Removal ~ 4 years

We try our best to save the bees because they are so important for everything living to staying alive on this planet. We inspect the situation, assess what needs to be done to remove the bees. We communicate with the home owner about the situation. the homeowner is encouraged to view the removal from their vehicle or in person if they have a bee suit. We remove the hive, honey and bees the best we can. Robber bees come and clean up in which afterwards the homeowner would call a repair person in repair any damage done by the bees and the removal. Repair Work is NOT INCLUDED in the Bee Removal Estimate. We remove the bees and clean up the best we can for the situation. Honey is a messy situation. You never want to exterminate a bee hive in the walls of your home! Dead bees from an extermination will run you out of the house due to the awful smell.

The process of removing bees is a labor intensive and extensive process that takes many complete. Some projects take all day. We have even had one project that took two days due to it having 4 hives to remove. 

Please view, read, print out and sign our Bee Removal Contract. Repairs are not included with the Bee Removal service. It will be a separate charge under Handyman Services.

Rates for Bee Removal

  • Trip Mileage ($1.00 per mile one way from our location to yours)
  • Ground Level $250 (not requiring a ladder or other special tools) 
  • Above Ground Level $350 (requiring a ladder and or other special tools)
  • Special Situations $500 and up
  • Texas Taxable

Bee Removal from outside the home 2022 Bee Removal from outside the home 2023 Bee Removal from the eve of the house 2023

Bee Removal from the outside of a home 2023 Bee hive under vehicle Beehive porch eve
Garvin attracts honey bees, knows how to attract the ladies.. ha ha ha
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