Yehovah gave me a dream in which He was sending me to the far west part of Texas. I was told to build a physical refuge place for the remnant to gather in the end times. Since arriving here I have been in training against the occult world as I strive for both personal Spiritual Cleanness and ways of helping others achieve it too. Each one of us must cleanse ourselves both inwardly and outwardly renewing our minds continually with full knowledge and acceptance that Our Master Yeshua washes us white as snow through His Death, Burial, and Resurrection. Yeshua is our Redeemer. Through Yeshua’s Redemption we are Saved by the Grace of Yehovah.  We can never be too dirty that we can not be cleansed by the Blood of The Lamb of Yehovah. Messiah did His part it is time WE DO OUR PART. ~ Stephanie Elaine Shiflet


An online group that is focused on Seeking FIRST the Kingdom of Yehovah.

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Shabbat Aviv Fellowship Meeting
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A online group that is focused on achieving Spiritual Cleanness through the process of Deliverance with the assistance of Essential Oils.

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