First Comes the Greenhouse


Fruits and Vegetables in 2021!

Banana Trees

Fruit expected 2022

Grand Nain bananas are banana cultivars of Musa acuminata. It is one of the most commonly cultivated bananas and a member of the commercial Cavendish banana cultivar group. It is also known as the Chiquita banana because it is the main product of Chiquita Brands. It is the recommended banana tree for our location. It loves full sun. We hope it can take our daily strong winds and heat index.

Fig Trees

Fruit expected 2022

Brown Turkey figs (Ficus carica ‘Brown Turkey”) are sweet, delicious fruits that have rusty red to purplish skin and richly toned pink flesh. The trees are suited for a Mediterranean climate and produce prolifically, which in some areas makes them invasive.

Olive Trees

Fruit expected 2032

The olive, known by the botanical name Olea europaea, meaning "European olive", is a species of small tree in the family Oleaceae, found in the Mediterranean Basin from Portugal to the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and southern Asia as far east as China, as well as the Canary Islands and Réunion.

Peach Trees

Fruit expected 2022

Pomegranate Trees

Fruit expected 2025

Simply the best pomegranate on the market! Large, showy, bright, orange-red blooms on upright, fount-like branches produce large, vivid red fruit that ripens late summer to fall. Less pulp and higher juice content than others, with seeds soft enough to be eaten fresh. Deciduous.

Prickly Pear Cactus

Fruit expected 2022