A wild harvested product that is grows naturally here on 80 plus acres of Shiflet House land.

Mesquite is native to Texas and grows freely in the desert. It can grow as a shrub, or a small or medium tree with bipinnately compound foliage. The mesquite itself can reach heights of 30 feet and widths of 40 feet, with thorns that can be up to 2 inches long. In the spring, summer, and after rains, it is covered with fragrant white flowers, and the long bean pods are attractive. Archaeological evidence from sites around Texas and northern Mexico suggest that the mesquite plant has always been useful to humans as a fuel and food source. Native peoples used the plant in many ways; the pods were eaten as food and the hardwood was used for making tools and musical instruments, and as fuel. In addition, the plant was used medicinally.

We have identified two different species of Mesquite naturally growing on our property: (Prosopis velutina Wooton) – velvet mesquite and (Prosopis glandulosa Torr.) – honey mesquite

Harvesting Mesquite Beans


Theraputic Propertie, Uses, and Methods

  • LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX: Mesquite powder is a special sweetener that doesn’t cause sugar spikes.
  • GOOD SWEETENER FOR A DIET: Low in calories, fats, and sugar, Organic Mesquite Powder fits any meal plan.
  • RICH IN PROTEINS: Food To Live Organic Mesquite Powder gives you a boost of easily digestible amino acids.
  • SOURCE OF IRON AND CALCIUM: Mesquite powder is rich in minerals: calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium.

The beans of the mesquite tree can be ground and used as gluten free flour, the flour is sweet and has a mild nutty flavor.

There is some research that suggests that mesquite meal, that has a low glycemic index, can help in balancing blood sugar.

Boiling the pods down repeatedly will make a sweet mesquite syrup.

Mesquite wood is well known for its wonderful and unique flavor, and is used for smoking meats and veggies.

Mesquite trees have been used as a sturdy building material in making houses, fence, furniture and beautiful crafts.

The mesquite leaves, bark and roots have many medical properties including anti-fungal, antimicrobial, astringent, antiseptic, and antispasmodic.

Making a powder or tea from any of these materials can help fight Athlete’s Foot and fungus infections. It can also be used for skin irritations like scrapes, stings, cuts and mild infections.

An eye wash can be made from the leaves and pods to aid any kind of eye inflammation including pink eye.

Most G.I. Inflammations can be helped from the different parts of the mesquite like stomach ulcers, diarrhea and others.

The mesquite has astringent properties and the bark can help in diminishing fevers and aid in excessive menstrual bleeding.

Used in a poultice, the leaves can be used for headaches.

The mesquite resin or gum, dissolved in water, can be used as a G.I. tonic to help repair impaired intestines. It aids in its healing, is used as a restorative and can be used in cases of G. I. discomfort.

Topical use for the mesquite gum is good for burns and chapped skin.


This product doesn’t have any specific side effects.

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