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Call (432) 371-2999 to make an appointment.

We are holders of a Bee Removal Transportation Permit.

We Service the following Texas counties: Brewster, Jeff Davis, Pecos, Presidio and Reeves

At this time we are not able to offer same day service.


Bee Removal Contract

Download and/or Print our Bee Removal Contract

Free Estimate

Our Bee Removal Contract will have all the details and fees associated with your personalized removal because all removals are never the same.


Travel Fee: $1 a mile, one way from our location: 51160 Tx-HWY 118, Alpine, TX 79830

Removal Fee: Depending on the location of the hive or swarm.

  • Ground Level starts at $250.
  • Higher than ground level starts at $350
  • If any specialty equipment is needed, there is an additional charge.

We do not charge an Hourly Fee.

This service is Texas Taxable.


We accept Checks, Cash and PayPal. You may pay in person or by mail or through PayPal. We will mail or email you a receipt.

Customer Removal Images

We email you pictures of the progress of your removal. This service is included with your removal.

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Repairs post bee removal:

We do not do repairs. We only remove the bees and the comb, and then we clean up after ourselves.

To be there, or not?

You are welcome to observe the removal. We ask you (for safety reasons) to remain in your vehicle or other secured location away from the swarming bees so that you do not get stung. Some of our customers just send us out to do the job while they remain at work. What you decide, is completely up to you.


Bee Kind