Will resume later this year!

Call to reserve your Food Items for Curb Side Pickup.

(432) 371 ~ 2999


Drive up Prayer and Anointing Service

No Cost, No Touch, Just drive up.

We pray only to the God of Israel (YeHoVah) in the name of the Son of God (Yeshua haMoshiach)(Jesus the Anointed).

For this is who we, The Shiflet's, have chosen to serve in this life and for eternity. 

If you would like information on how to leave the occult and be truly free and have aboundent joy, ask us.

Remember, haSatan is a Liar. Will you choose to serve YeHoVah and Yeshua today before it is too late?


What to Expect

This is an outdoor event. There will be NO ACCESS to the store at this event.

There will be other items for sale not on this list. I will try to keep this list updated weekly.

Ungraded Farm Eggs    $3 a Doz.
Apple Butter   $4 Half Pint Jar
 Chaparral Rain Skin Salves    Various Sizes and Prices
 Mary Kay Gift Baskets    50% Off Retail Prices (Inventory Items Only)
Wire Hanger Bundels   $1 per Bundle of 10
Various Books   $5 each and UP
Various DVDs   $5 each and UP
Miscellaneous Items   Priced as Marked 

Thank you for supporting our Ministry.