About Shiflet House

Shiflet House is a Private Faith Based Company
that has a self-sufficient way of life
providing sustainable all natural products
to local businesses and consumers.

Mission Statement

Shiflet House is a premium, all natural, the way Yehovah (God) intended, approach to a self-sufficient sustainable lifestyle. Our farm and ranch methods focus on using back to the basics knowledge integrated with some of today's technological advances that are not harmful to the plants, animals or the environment to produce a variety of healthy food and other by-products. Shiflet House Farm will not seek to become Certified Organic, but will retain the same high standards while producing true all natural products. Our meat, poultry, eggs, and by products come from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones. Ample space per animal is given along with love and care during their stay at Shiflet House. No food additives or dyes are added to any of our products. We developed Shiflet House so that we could work alongside one another and decrease our dependence on the processed commercialism of the food industry. We want to have more control over what we are eating and by growing it ourselves we are able to achieve this goal along with assisting others of like minds. We believe at Shiflet House that we can grow and make a living out of the land and provide premium all natural products to local consumers and local grocery stores. Shiflet House allows us to be a faith based, patriotic, family oriented and loyalist to preserving some of the olden ways of doing things in order to truly produce the best quality food and products for our local community.


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